Mobile Device FAQ's - Technical Process

1.  Q:  What data can be automatically transferred?

A:  Email, Calendar, and Contacts (Phone Numbers, Email Address, and other data in your Personal Outlook/Exchange Address Book) will be transferred to your phone by syncing it with Xavier's Exchange Email System. 

2.   Q:  What data will not be transferred?

A: a. Pictures, Videos, Ringtones, Music, and other files saved to the phone.

Some Android phones have a SD Card in the phone (check the specifications of the phone). If these saved files are to the SD Card, then these files can be moved to the new phone using the SD Card. 

You can attach your BlackBerry to your PC, to transfer these files to your PC.  Your Android phone can be attached to your PC in a similar fashion for transfer to your new phone.

    b. Third-party apps:  You will have to document the ones you use, identify an Android equivalent, and then install the app from the Google Play Store.

    c.  Saved Voice Mail Password:  If you do not know your cell phone's voicemail password, Cincinnati Bell will have to reset it.

    d.  Call history

    e.  Text Messages

    f.   E-mail signatures

    g.  Fonts, Icons, and Layouts.

3.  Q:  How can my contacts outside of Xavier be migrated?

A:  The only way to save phone numbers you regularly call or receive is to make an entry into Xavier's Exchange E-mail System as a new contact.

4.  Q:  Will my Bluetooth connection still work?

A:  No, you will have to reestablish the connection(s) per manufacturer instructions (i.e. Plantronics Paining Instructions).

5.  Q:  Will my Wi-Fi connections still work?

A:  No, you will have to restablish the connection(s). For information on restablishing a connection, please refer to the Knowledgebase Article "Connecting to Xavier Wireless Networks".