Mobile Device FAQ's - Purchasing Process

1. Q: How are the monthly charges paid?

A:  An order will be issued by Purchasing for each user that funds the payment through the fiscal year. Purchasing will notify users if their current standing order does not have sufficient funds. At the beginning of each Fiscal Year a new requisition must be submitted to Purchasing.

2. Q: What are the device costs?

A: There are free options for both phone and smartphone. There are also other devices that can be purchased at reduced rates.

3. Q: What are the recurring monthly service costs?

A: The basic plan is $3.99/month plus $0.05/minute. For voice/text only plans 500 text messages are included. Additional texts are $0.25/each. For smartphone data plans there is an additional charge of $29.99/month which includes unlimited text and data.

There is also an unlimited talk plan for $60.00/month.

4. Q: What if I am currently part of the University paid program but am not approved under the new guidelines?

A: Xavier can release the ownership of your number under the account and you can migrate to your own personal account. A Change of Financial Responsibility Form (COFR) should be completed and sent to Cincinnati Bell. Call the Cincinnati Bell Affinity department at 513-397-5084 for details and instructions.

5. Q: Can I receive any discount from Cincinnati Bell if I do not qualify under the University paid program?

A: Xavier employees receive a 10% discount off standard rates. Contact the Cincinnati Bell Affinity Department at 513-397-5084 for details.