Mobile Device FAQ's - Migration Process

 1. Q: What is the new mobile device program?

A: Xavier has agreed to a 2 year agreement with Cincinnati Bell to remain the provider for all University paid mobile devices. This includes cell phones, smartphones and data plans.   Part of the agreement includes a device refresh for all employees currently on the University plan. 

 2. Q: What are the differences between the new program and the old one?

A: The new program requires the completion of the Mobile Telephone Authorization form. This form authorizes the employee’s eligibility for a University paid mobile device and/or data plan. The employee’s Department Manager must sign the form indicating the business use justification.  

 3. Q: Are my choices limited to specific mobile devices?

A:  Yes. Only Cincinnati Bell product offerings are included. The options and pricing are listed here.

 4. Q: What is the process for getting my new device?

A: The following steps outline the process.

1. Complete and submit the Mobile Telephone Authorization form to Purchasing at mail stop 7211 or e-mail to Cindy Bihl at  

2.  To complete the process, please go to the website for more information and to make your selection.

5.  Q: What if I am currently part of the University paid program but am not approved under the new guidelines?

A: Xavier can release the ownership of your number under the account and you can migrate to your own personal account.  A Change of Financial Responsibility Form (COFR) should be completed and sent to Cincinnati Bell.  Call the Cincinnati Bell Affinity department at 513-397-5084 for details and instructions.

6.  Q:  Can I receive any discount from Cincinnati Bell if I do not qualify under the University paid program?

A: Xavier employees receive a 10% discount off standard rates.   Contact the Cincinnati Bell Affinity Department at 513-397-5084 for details.