Title IX Advisory Committee (Monthly) -- informed of and by the work of the Title IX Executive Committee


  • Identify the needs, issues, trends, and climate of campus around sex discrimination issues;
  • Develop, implement, and monitor approaches and efforts to addressing those needs;
  • Inform and provide feedback on Title IX policies, initiatives, programming, and materials;
  • Provide oversight and quality assurance for sex discrimination reporting/response systems; and
  • Ensure Title IX-related work is compliant and consistent with identified best practices

Members: representation of students, faculty, staff and administrators.  Click here for the list of members.

Title IX Executive Committee (Quarterly)- informed of and by work of Title IX Advisory Committee


  • Develop, executive, assess, and monitor strategies on effectively and comprehensively addressing gender equity, sex discrimination, and Title IX issues University-wide;
  • Champion integrating the prevention of and effective response to sex discrimination into University ethos; and
  • Serve as a resource on Title IX and sex discrimination issues for all campus constituents.

Members: individuals connected across the University who are able to influence and implement policy, and lead development and cultivation of cultural and community norms.  Click here for the list of members.