Sex Discrimination Reporting & Support Options and Resources

If you have experienced sex discrimination, including gender-based violence and/or harassment, by a Xavier student, Xavier employee or a third party, you have many reporting and support options available depending on what you determine is best for you. If you are not sure what you would like to do, please speak with one of the listed confidential resources first. If you decide to speak with a non-confidential resource, you may choose to initially share information about your experience and to seek resources without providing identifying information (such as name of the individual engaging in the sex discrimination) to that resource.

CONFIDENTIAL & non-confidential reporting and support options are here.

Additional information on Xavier's response to Sex Discrimination here.

On and off-campus mental health counseling, medical, safety, legal assistance, visa and immigration resources are here.

Xavier's Sex Discrimination policies:

To make an ANONYMOUS report, please access Xavier's Anonymous Reporting Hotline at 855-481-6238 or to submit a report online, please click here.

Please contact the Title IX Coordinator at (513) 745-3046 with any questions on the information above.