Majors and Minors

Theology Major

Students majoring in theology are required to:

  • Complete 12 courses (36 credit hours) in theology along with the other required liberal arts courses. Theology courses should be taken according to the sequence proposed by the department.
  • Any course in the THEO 200s sequence may fulfill the Theological Perspectives core requirement.
  • The five flags (E/RS, Oral Communications, Writing-Intensive, Diversity Core Requirement, Quantitative Reasoning) can double-count liberally with major and core.


Courses required for the major include:

  • THEO 111 (Theological Foundations)
  • THEO 209 (Christian Tradition I) 
  • THEO 210 (Christian Tradition II)
  • THEO 290 (Christian Doctrine Today)
  • THEO 295 (Senior Seminar: Ideas & Methods)
  • THEO 303 (Christian Ethics: Methods & Questions)
  • THEO 328 (Introduction to Christian Scriptures)
  • THEO 351 (Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures) 
  • THEO Electives: 3 needed (201:499)
  • Non-Christian Religious Traditions Electives: 1 needed

Theology Minor

Students minoring in theology are required to complete four courses (12 credit hours) beyond the two theology courses required of all Xavier students.

Courses required for the minor include:

  • THEO 111 (Theological Foundations)
  • THEO 209 (Christian Tradition I) or THEO 210 (Christian Tradition II)
  • THEO 303 (Christian Ethics)
  • THEO 351 (Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures) or THEO 328 (Introduction to Christian Scriptures)
  • THEO Electives: 2 needed (201:499)

For more information about the undergraduate major or minor, please contact the undergraduate advisor, Sarah Melcher at

Religious Education Minor

The Religious Education Minor is designed to prepare theology majors to meet the Archdiocese of Cincinnati's professional requirements for Catholic High School Religion Teacher Certification.

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