Careers in Theology

Career opportunities in the area of theology are varied. The theology major prepares students for a career as teacher, religious education coordinator (integrating religious education into total parish life), liturgist (coordinating parish liturgy), campus minister, religion feature writer, or pastoral associate. The theology major also prepares students for further, graduate-level study or for the priesthood or religious life. With additional graduate study or professional training, students are prepared to become theology professors, Catholic school administrators, hospital administrators or to assume a variety of leadership positions in the life of the church.  Indeed, several graduates are using their theology training by making contributions to church and society.

Ed Sloane (MA, 2010) is a Jesuit novice. His theological training while a Xavier graduate student in and outside the classroom played a role in his decision to take this step.

MiMi Chamberlin (MA, 2010) is the Executive Director of Churches Active in Northside (CAIN), an award winning nonprofit agency meeting the needs of Cincinnati's most vulnerable residents. MiMi's final research paper, "Feeding Bodies and Souls: An Exploration of Christian Hospitality in Theology and Practice," explored the Judeo-Christian tradition of hospitality in the context of a current practitioner.

Elizabeth Seton High School (greater Washington, D. C.) employs J. P. Boldt (BA, 2009) as a Religious Studies Teacher and Retreat Coordinator. J. P. uses his theology degree every day in order to teach effectively; he feels the faculty prepared him well for this endeavor.

Steve Carr (MA, 2009) is the founding pastor of Echo Church, a congregation committed to urban Cincinnati. Steve pursued Xavier theological training because he believed it an imperative component for this ministry.

Krista Kutz (BA, 2009) balances a full schedule. On one hand, she is a full-time Master of Divinity student at the University of Chicago, while cross-registered at Catholic Theological Union. On the other hand, Krista serves at Old St. Patrick's Church (downtown Chicago) as a lay ecclesial minister in the areas of liturgy, social justice, youth ministry, and more. She recently served as a delegate at the 40th anniversary conference on Catholic-Jewish dialogue in Paris, where she represented emerging leadership in the American Catholic Church.

Lynn Jencks (MA, 2008) is pursuing a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at Northwestern University, specializing in modern feminist, liberation, and postcolonial theologies. Committed to solidarity with those whom the global socio-economic system exploits, Lynn's work centers on the question: how does a theologian from a locus of privilege become an ally in allowing underrepresented voices to participate in the theological conversation?

The College of Mount St. Joseph employs Kate Romolo (BA, 2007; MA, 2011 in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College) as the Coordinator of Campus Ministry. This position is a good fit for Kate, whose experience in the Theology Department and Xavier campus ministry prepared her.

The University's Career Services Center assists students in their search for employment by offering individual career counseling sessions, by conducting an annual workshop series on interviewing and résumé writing techniques, and by maintaining an educational, vocational, and employer information resource center. Over 100 nationally known companies visit the campus annually to interview graduating seniors for positions in business and industry. Many students begin working with the office of career and leadership development during their freshman year to develop a personal career plan.