Xavier University

Masters of Arts in Theology

Course Offerings, Spring 2013


THEO 528-01 A Spirituality of Presence

Dr. Chris Pramuk

R 6-8:30pm


What is the relationship between contemplative prayer and compassionate presence to others? This course explores both the theological grounding of spirituality and the pastoral applications inherent in a loving relationship with God. Through critical reflection on a range of classic and contemporary Christian and non-Christian texts, the course aims to develop criteria for an integrated spirituality responsive to the pastoral contexts and the "signs of the times" in which we live and work.


THEO 538-01 Religious Education and Youth Ministry

Mr. John Norman

M 6-8:30pm


Religious education and youth ministry are tasks that primarily belong to lay Christian leaders. This course will explore the challenges of education and mentoring adolescent faith and spirituality. This course will include theoretical and theological foundations as well as practical means to address these educations and spiritual challenges. This class will provide opportunities to discuss the field observation sessions that class participants will do in religion classes (Catholic High Schools) and/or youth ministry of various kinds.



THEO 580-01 New Testament and Politics

Dr. Anna Miller

W 6-8:30pm


This class will address questions of politics and power with regard to the New Testament. As part of that work, we will explore the sociopolitical context for these texts in the Greco-Roman world-especially focusing on the role of the Roman Empire in the development of Christian theology, identity and practice. At the same time, we will consider the exercise of power and politics within these Christian communities. The class will also consider the relationship of politics and the New Testament in the modern era. As part of our work together, we will investigate the role of power and politics within the modern biblical interpretation, and the ongoing place of scripture in wider public, political discourse.