MA Health Care Mission Integration

Xavier's graduate program in health care mission integration combines the study of theology with the study of health services administration.  This MA program is designed to provide preparation for Mission Directors and others who lead their colleagues in Catholic and other Christian health services to foster and enhance the spirit of love, compassion and service within these institutions.  The program focuses on understanding the Christian tradition and embodying it midst the challenges of institutional, technological and cultural change.

Students will study in a challenging educational environment with experts in the fields of theology and health care service administration.  An internship will provide field experience.  Professional seminars (non-credit) are also required.


The Master of Arts in Health Care Mission Integration requires the satisfactory completion of 36 semester hours of course work at the graduate level and an internship.

Theology courses:
THEO 504 Foundations of Scripture (3 cr)
THEO 630 Theology of Ministry (3 cr)
THEO 540 Modern Catholic Social Teaching (3 cr)
One course in faith and culture (3 cr), e.g.:
   THEO 551 Faith, Culture, and Ethnicity
   THEO 571 Black Theology
One course in theological ethics (3 cr): e.g.:
   THEO 506 Foundational Issues in Christian Ethics
   THEO 544 Health Care Ethics
   THEO 548 Bioethics
   THEO 632 Ethics in Ministry
One course in spirituality (3 cr), e.g.:
   THEO 527 The Mystery of God and Suffering
   THEO 528 A Spirituality of Presence
THEO 636 Internship In Health Care Mission (3 cr): Internship of 100 clock hours with a Mission Director in a Catholic or other Christian health care facility.  Faculty direction will be provided for the required paper for this three credit course.

Theology credit total:  21 hours

Health Services Administration Courses:
HESA 682 Hospitals: Structure, Function and Management (2 cr)
HESA 571 Health Care Services in the United States (3 cr)
HESA 511 Managerial Concepts in Health Care Organizations (3 cr)
HESA 561 Clinical Processes for Health Care Organizations (2 cr)
HESA 515 Health Care Workforce Strategies (2 cr)
HESA 583 Ethical Issues in Health Care (3 cr)
(A basic undergrad accounting course is expected as a prerequisite)

HSA credit total: 15 credit hours
Total credit hours in the program:  36

For more information on this program, contact Dr. Gillian Ahlgren at the Theology Department via email at or call 513-745-4247.