Theatre Performing Arts Grant

If you wish to schedule an audition at Xavier, please complete and submit the application form by clicking the "Apply Now" button below. For further information, please contact Rick Endres at

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Anyone can apply for the Performing Arts Grant, regardless of major.

These highly competitive grants in amounts up to $2,000 per year are annually awarded to excellent students involved in technical theatre or theatre productions, regardless of their major course of study.


Theatre Performance: Perform two contrasting 3-5-minute monologues and bring a résumé and letter of recommendation from your drama instructor/director. Students who obtain a PAG for theatre productions are involved in acting, directing, stage management and production planning.

Technical Theatre: Present a portfolio of your experience that could include snapshots, playbills, etc., indicating range and level of experience. You should provide one written recommendation. Your audition consists of a personal interview. Students involved in technical theatre learn about and help produce all aspects of theatre design: set construction, lighting design, audio design, props, scenery, etc.

Additional Information


Parking is fairly available throughout campus. Feel free to park either on University Drive (next to the Edgecliff building), in the Alumni Center lot or in the Cintas lot.


Enter Edgecliff Hall (which is the first building bordering Dana Ave and University Drive) and register at the table on the main level. You will then be directed to the appropriate audition room. Should you choose to arrive early to warm up, a practice studio will be made available to you.

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