Student Information

Please join faculty and students from Counseling, Health Services Administration, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, and Social Work and Nursing in welcoming Teepa Snow for the new keynote address for the 7th Annual Inter-Professional Program on Caring for Clients with Dementia.

Xavier and UC students in classes that utilize information related to caring for Persons with Dementia:

  • Inter-Professional Seminar: Presentation handouts, readings, case study and related information will be posted here four weeks prior to the seminar date.
  • Xavier Dementia specific lecture: Assigned students in the departments of nursing, occupational therapy and social work will receive the lecture handouts from your instructor. Check with your course instructor for further details.

Directions to Drake Center from Xavier University

Drake Center, West Pavilion, 151 West Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, 45216