2 bedroom: $215/week per person
4 bedroom: $175/week per person

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Tucked away in the southwest corner of Xavier's campus, the Village apartment community offers condo-style living with a community courtyard. Featuring external doors, full kitchens, and multiple apartment options, the Village offers variety and independence! 

Apartments nos. 1-6 are two-bedroom flats. Apartments nos. 7-29 are two-bedroom townhouses, and nos. 30-56 are four bedroom units. The Village is conveniently located at the corner of Dana Avenue and Victory Parkway.

  • Residents: 56 unit complex. Houses summer Interns and some summer school students and a limited number of university guests (such as new faculty).  Each apartment is either all-male or all-female, no mixed gender.
  • Rooms: Two bedroom apartments and four bedroom apartments. For summer interns, bedrooms are single occupancy. Bedrooms are individually keyed, and all apartment units have outdoor key access.
  • Furniture Provided: Bed, desk (42" wide by24" deep) and desk chair. Beds can be bunked. Storage space under the bed up to 12 ½". Mattresses are 80" x 76" long and 36" wide. Extra long sheets are recommended. Tile floor in kitchen. 
    • Note: Bedrooms and living rooms in the Village Apartments do not have overhead ceiling lights. Interns should bring their own lamps for these rooms!
  • Room Amenities: Air conditioning, Internet connection (wireless and wired), cable
  • Building Amenities:Laundry facilities, kitchen, recreation room, vending machines.
  • Four-Bedroom Room Rates (Summer 2016): One-person per bedoom $175/week per person.  5 week minimum rental period.
  • Two-Bedroom Room Rates (Summer 2016): One-person per bedoom $215/week per person.  5 week minimum rental period.
  • Click HERE for information on Rent Deposit, Rent Payments, Payment Schedule and How Rent Fees are Calculated.Get the most for your money by moving in on a Sunday or early in the week  and by moving out on a Saturday or late in the week if it’s at all possible!

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Common Space

Flat Overview

Flat Bedroom

Flat Kitchen

Four Bedroom Common

Four Bedroom Bathroom

Four Bedroom


Townhouse Bedroom