The Intern Insider Newsletter

Xavier University Summer Intern Housing's publication to share news and announcements, provide you with reminders, and to give you the inside scoop on all things Xavier and/or Cincinnati.


Summer 2014

  • Volume 3, July 24, 2014: Move-Out Checklist; 2014 Intern Housing Survey; Pictures from CINC Professional Engagement event
  • Volume 2, June 5, 2014: Housing Rules Reminders; Parking Updates; Campus Map; Mail/Package Delivery; Portal Resources; Drawing Winner;  CINC Event; Enterprise CarShare program; Interns by the Numbers
  • Volume 1, April 8, 2014 Registration; Housing Assignments; Apartment-Mates; CINC; Enterprise CarShare program; Interns by the Numbers

Summer 2013

  • Volume 4, August 1, 2013: Move-Out Procedures; Intern Surveys; Pictures from CINC Professional Engagement Event
  • Volume 3, July 15, 2013: Summer Meal Plans still available; CINC Professional Engagement Event; Move-Out Procedures; Intern Spotlight Series
  • Volume 2, June 20, 2013: Drawing Winner; Thanks for attending Meet-n-Greet; Summer Meal Plans; CINC event;  Commons card-swiper; Housing Rules reminders; Mail/Package delivery clarification
  • Volume 1, June 3, 2013: Enterprise CarShare program; Social Sunday: Intern Edition; Parking updates; How to load your card for laundry; Lock-out procedures