How it Works/What to Expect

A step-by-step guide to the intern housing process

Getting Started

   -  Visit the Summer Intern Housing website.

   -  Review the housing options and come up with your 3 favorite choices

REGISTRATION for Summer 2016 is now CLOSED - Please call Intern Housing Office at 513-745-4203 for availability or questions.

You will complete an online form with contact information, information about your internship, move-in and move-out dates and 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice of housing preferences

You will then be directed to a secure payment site to make a $250.00 deposit.  This deposit is non-refundable and non-returnable but will be applied to your rent.  If, after making the deposit you decide not to stay at Xavier, the deposit is forfeited.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your registration submission

   -  After it is confirmed that your deposit has been received, you will receive a 2nd email which gives you access to the  intern portal.

You will utilize this portal to register for a parking pass, complete a profile, view profiles of other interns, choose apartment-mates, access your mailbox code, sign your lease, make rent payments, receive announcements, etc. Find more information about choosing apartment-mates HERE. 

Please note that interns moving in May 8-14 or May 15-21 are limited
to apartment-mates that are moving in the SAME week.

If your registration is complete  by April 22, 2016, you can expect to receive your housing assignment by May 6th.   Registrations completed after April 22 will receive housing assignments within 5 business days of when the registration is completed.

All apartment -mate requests must be made no later than April 22.  Registrations received after that date will be assigned to available units with first consideration going to the housing preferences listed on your registration.

   -  Once you receive your housing assignment, you will be able to view your lease and rent payment schedule on the portal

Sign Your Lease

Your lease must be signed prior to your move-in date.  You can view and sign your lease via the portal.

Make Your 1st Rent Payment

Your rent payment #1 must be received prior to your move-in date.  This payment covers your rental fees from your move-in date through July 2, 2016, minus the $250 deposit that you paid when you registered. You will make this payment via the intern portal.

On Your Move-In Day

   -  Your housing assignment will include details on the move-in hours and check-in location at Xavier University, as well as listing your apartment-mates.

  -  Before unloading all of your belongings you will check in at the location as stated in your housing assignment.  This process will usually take 5-10 minutes (not including the time you may spend in line if you check-in on one of the major move-in dates: May 8, May 15 & May 22).  Please note that check-in on these major move-in dates may be delayed 1-2 hours for apartment cleaning, especially in the Commons or Village apartments.

   -  Once you have checked in and first enter your apartment, please inspect the space.  If there are any cleanliness or other maintenance issues, please immediately return to the check-in area to let us know, so that that we can resolve them.  On the major move-in dates we will have a special “solutions” table set up to care of any issues—you will not have to wait in the registration line again.

Living at Xavier

   -  You will be in the good company of over 450 interns from all over the country and even some internationals who have come to Cincinnati to work in a variety of industries.  Make friends, network—you may end up playing sand volleyball with the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

              Explore campus! 

The campus bookstore, convenience store, a Subway restaurant, and a US Bank branch can all be found in the Gallagher Student Center.  You can also shoot pool (for free!), kick back in the TV lounge, or get some Cincinnati insights from our friendly  Welcome Desk student staff. 

There is a Currito Burrito Restaurant in the Fenwick place lobby (across the street from the Commons).

O’Connor Sports Center is on the west side of campus -- a summer membership is $135, and you can “play before you pay” with one free visit.

Basketball courts, sand volleyball courts and tennis courts are on the north side of campus—balls can be checked out at the Gallagher Student Center.

Bellarmine Chapel is in the center of campus. Services are held 7 days/week.

The campus mail center is across the street from the Commons, on the west side of the Campus police station.  Your regular mail will be delivered there. You are able to access the combination for your mailbox on the portal. Location and hours for package pick-up will be located on the intern portal.

Make Your 2nd Rent Payment

Your second and final rent payment is due July 2nd, 2016.  This payment will cover rental fees from July 3rd through your move-out date.  You will make this payment via the intern portal.

Move-Out Day

              If you are moving out prior to Friday, August 5th:

Move-out and check-out on week-days must take place prior to 8pm.  If you are moving out on a weekend, you must check out by 3pm if you live in the Commons and by 1pm for all other housing locations.

If you are moving out on Friday, August 5th:

Move-out and check-out must be complete by 8:00pm.

After move-out please complete our survey to tell us about your experience with Xavier University Summer Intern Housing.  We wish you continued success in your future endeavors!


REGISTRATION questions: Intern Housing Office 513-745-4203 or email:
HOUSING questions: Residence Life 513-745-3203