Summer Intern Housing Options

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Need Housing? We got it!

Intern housing is available May 17* to August 8, 2015 in fully furnished, air-conditioned, modern apartments which include free WiFi, cable television and parking.  We offer 3 tiers of Intern Housing.
*There may be some limited housing available for the week May 10-16, 2015 
Click on each option for full details.

The VIP Experience (Very Independent Person) offers single occupancy living  at it's finest - a one bedroom or efficiency apartment for an intern to have all to themself!    8 week minimum rental period

The Business Class offers shared apartment living (2, 3 and 4 bedrooms) with corporate-style conveniences. Coffee, newspaper, printer, boardroom-style meeting space and weekly custodial service of apartment bathrooms -  all the amenities of a business-class hotel!    5 week minimum rental period

Buenger Hall   $155/week per person

The Suite Deal offers shared living in traditional apartment-style 4 bedroom units (Commons) or  condo-style 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom units (Village).   5 week  minimum rental period

Commons Apartments    $170/week per person
Village Apartments    2 bedroom: $210/week per person;  4 bedroom: $170/week per person
All options provide opportunities for interns to network and learn from hundreds of other interns, working at companies from a variety of industries.