Steps to Study Abroad

Pre-Program Selection

Gather Information 

  1. Become familiar with the different study abroad program opportunities by reviewing this informational PowerPoint.
  2. Complete form at the end of the PowerPoint to request an appointment with a Peer Advisor or Education Abroad staff member.

Meet with Advisors 

  1. Confirm appointment with Education Abroad staff member or come to walk-in advising hours to meet with a Peer Advisor. 
  2. Come to appointment with the following: 
    a) general idea of preferred location
    b) list of courses (both major/minor and/or core) that you still need to take to complete your degree 
  3. After appointment, review program options and do more research on choices.
  4. Once selection is narrowed, meet with your academic adviser to assure academic fit of program (i.e. checking off boxes on your degree plan).

Make Decision 

  1. Make final program selection.

Post-Program Selection


  1. Complete applications 
    a) Xavier study abroad application through Studio Abroad 
    b) Program specific application if necessary (third party programs, Xavier direct programs, some faculty-led program


  1. Complete the Study Abroad Approval Form for pre-approval of courses 
  2. Complete Risk Management Forms 
    a) Student Agreement
    b) Assumption of Risk form 
    c) Medical Form 
    d) Copy of Passport 

    Completed Study Abroad Approval forms and Risk Management forms are to be submitted to the Center for International Education (GSC 230). 

    Note for Faculty-led Program Participants: Faculty leaders will provide you with the study abroad approval form and risk management forms during a pre-program session or through email. 
  3. Complete Study Abroad Financial Aid Form 

    Completed Study Abroad Financial Aid form and support documents are to be submitted to the Financial Aid office in Schott Hall. 


  1. Apply for applicable scholarships, if desired. 

Pre-departure Orientation 

  1. Attend required Pre-departure Orientation 

    Note for Faculty-led Program Participants: Some programs have additional program specific orientations, too.