• Intersectionality - Cameroon

Race & Gender Focus

Coming to you from the Social Work Department

Have you always wanted to travel to Africa?  Are you interested in learning about race relations?  Do you want to learn more about how being male or female impacts yourself and others?

Join us for 2 and a half weeks this summer in Cameroon, West Africa.  There is no better way to get 6 credit hours for GDST major/minor, Africana Studies Minor, Peace Studies Minor, DCR credit or University Core, and it's honors (don't worry ou don't have to be an honors student to take an honors class - all are welcome).

Cameroon, West Africa

If you are interested in diversity we want you!!  Come and join us, don't hesitate we have already accepted students and have a few slots remaining.


Application Fee: $50

Program Fee: $900 - $1500

International Airfare: $1400 - $2400

Tuition (6 credit hours): $3720

Total Estimated Cost: $6070 - $7670

* Subject to tuition changes
** Student is responsible for both international and US domestic flight. This is an estimate

For more information contact Professor Jessica Donahue-Dioh at donohuediohj@xavier.edu

Costs - Students will need to enroll in the 6 credit hours for summer.  Financial aid may be available for those who qualify.

These costs are spread out over some time so don't panic!!