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    The ALL FOR ONE SHOP sells Alta Gracia

    Posted: 4/25/15 1:29 PM

    Alta Gracia is a company that addresses fair-trade work, and one of its missions is to better the lives and maintain the dignity of all their employees. Within their factories of the Dominican Republic, where they have revamped one particular abandoned facility, they changed the face of the facory worker's treatment. The Dominican Republic has high rates of poverty as well as several sweatshops but Alta Gracia establishes better working conditions and provides a living wage (which is estimated over three times that of minimum wage in there) for all their workers.

    Here is a heart-warming video of some workers receiving their first paychecks:

    Xavier's mission of "Men and Women for others" has some strong ties to maintaining human dignity. The ALL FOR ONE SHOP sells  Alta Gracia apparel with both men and women selections! Consider checking it out at the ALL FOR ONE SHOP in ustation!? Also to see what else Alta Gracia up to, check this out:

    For more information:

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    2015-2016 Winter-Cohen Family/Brueggeman Fellows

    Posted: 4/24/15 2:52 PM

    2015-2016 Winter-Cohen Family/Brueggeman Fellows

    The 2015-2016 Winter-Cohen Family/Brueggeman Fellows have been chosen.

    The students will engage in a year of independent research followed by an immersion/research trip. They will also participate in an interdisciplinary learning community at the Center for the entire academic year. The Fellows are a diverse group, representing all three colleges at Xavier.

    The new Brueggeman Fellows are:

    Rachel Fletcher, Class of 2017

    Biology Major

    Sustainable Alternatives: Brassica Biofumigation

    Immersion/Research Trip: Australia

    Anna Harty, Class of 2016

    Gender and Diversity Studies Major

    Role of Women in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

    Immersion/Research Trip: Indonesia, New Guinea

    Abigail Maristela, Class of 2016

    Psychology and Sociology Major

    Current and Impending Fate of Environmental Refugees in the Pacific Islands

    Immersion/ResearchTrip: Pacific Islands

    Daniel Newman, Class of 2017

    Biology Major

    Species Conservation and the Role of Socioeconomic and Cultural Context

    Immersion/Research Trip: India, Nepal

    Sarah Ochieng, Class of 2017

    Political Science, English Major

    Ending Early Child Marriages in Africa

    Immersion/Research Trip: Africa, South Africa

    Alison Trianfo, Class of 2017

    PPP and International Studies Major

    Cultural and Legal Responses to Gender-Based Violence

    Immersion/Research Trip:  Eastern Europe or Latin America



  • Don't Tell Anna Senior Show TONIGHT. . . - 2 days ago | 184 views

    Don't Tell Anna Senior Show TONIGHT!

    Posted: 4/24/15 10:59 AM

    Join Don't Tell Anna, Xavier's improv comedy troupe, for our last show of the semester tonight at 9 p.m. in Kennedy Auditorium in the CLC. Our seniors, Laura Birckhead, Meredith Francis, and Alex Spindler, have selected their favorite games for the troupe to play. It's going to be a fun night, so come help us send off our seniors!

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