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Posted: 2/7/16 1:42 PM

As part of Xavier's longest running London program, students will attend the plays Wicked and Les Miserables for Professor Fiorelli's BLAW300 class.  Students who take Dr. Helmer's Theology class or Dr. Polt's Philosophy class will also attend the plays.  All three courses are very "core friendly"

BLAW300 (Professor Fiorelli) - is a required course for all business majors.  There are no prerequisites, so non-business majors are also very welcome to take this class.  BLAW300 also satisfies an E/RS focus elective, a DCR elective and a GDST elective.

PHIL (Dr. Polt) - satisfies either a 2d level philosophy class, or a humanities elective.

THEO (Dr. Helmer) - satisfies either a 2d level theology requirement, or a humanities elective.

For more information about the trip, please contact Professor Fiorelli at, (513)745-2050, visit or like us on



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Posted: 2/7/16 12:14 PM

Students! Xavier needs your powerful voices to help the university better understand your multi-faceted experiences. You've probably received a number of surveys making a similar request, but this survey is really different. The results of this survey will be used by faculty and administrators to make immediate and long-term improvements in the classroom, housing, advising, offices you make use of or in your interactions with one another.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the entire month of March. No not just for March Madness, but also for completing this survey! The survey will be live from March 1-24 at #BeHeard

For more information:

Posted: 2/7/16 8:55 AM

Qualified is the Center for Diversity and Inclusion's professional development initiative in co-sponsorship with the Career Development Office and Macy's Inc. This initiative addresses the historic marginalization of qualified peoples whose identities haven't traditionally been valued in the workplace. There are  two events this semester for students of color, women, LGBTQ students, and students with disabilities to gain professional skills, develop social capital and engage with local Cincinnati companies looking to recruit a more diverse workforce.

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Posted: 2/6/16 10:14 PM

Dr. Polt is offering Philosophy of Art and Beauty in London this summer during the month of July. We will explore the world of British art from the seascapes of J.M.W. Turner to the street art of Banksy, and discuss reflections on art and beauty (and ugliness!) by British and German thinkers. This course can count as the Philosophical Perspectives core requirement (prerequisite: Phil 100), or as a 300-level Philosophy course that fulfills the Humanities core requirement (prerequisite: Phil 200 or 290).

The two other courses available are Business Law and Theology.  BLAW 300 (Prof. Fiorelli) is a required course for Business majors, but also satisfies an E/RS focus elective, a GDST elective and a DCR elective.  Theology (Dr. Helmer) satisfies a 2 level Theology requirement OR a Humanities elective.

Students take two out of the three courses in Monday-Thursday morning classes.

For more information, contact Professor Fiorelli at, (513)745-2050, visit or like us on

For more information:

Posted: 2/6/16 8:37 PM


Hello. This Wednesday evening the EAST ENDERS London trip will be having a meeting to tell you about the wonderful trip we have in store for you. Please come and take a look at what we have planned, the courses that are offered and learn why we are one of the best options for study abroad. Bring a friend!

We will have pizza and soft drinks so come hungry.

We will also tell you exactly….

  •  What steps to take if you want to register for the trip.
  •  How to make your deposit
  •  How to fill out the paper work for your passport
  • What clothes to pack
  • How much money to bring

Time:              7:00 PM

Place:              Room 22 Hailstones Basement (next to computer lab)

Questions:      Dr. Knestrict 745-3703


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