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Posted: 9/24/16 1:30 AM

If you are at all interested in working with middle school students to provide homework help and tutoring in a positive learning environment, consider volunteering with Breakthrough Cincinnati's Academic Accelerator program hosted at Walnut Hills High School. Breakthrough (BTC) is a four-year, tuition-free academic enrichment program for highly motivated middle school students from underserved and/or underrepresented communities. During the school year, BTC provides tutoring opportunities at Walnut Hills to help our students to stay ahead of their school work and to provide a strong support system.

For this program to be successful, we need awesome volunteers to tutor. That’s where you come in! If you choose to tutor, you will gain volunteer hours, improve your teaching/tutoring skills, and get to spend time with awesome BTC students. The following will be expected of you:

  • You will volunteer consistently 1-3 times/week from 3:00-4:30. 
  • You will help BTC students with their homework and create a supportive environment.
  • You will be fully engaged in the tutoring sessions and show respect and cooperation to all involved.

A more detailed Tutoring Contract will be sent to those who decide to volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Breakthrough's Program Director at and indicate the following:

  1. Why you want to volunteer with BTC.
  2. Why you would be a positive role model and tutor for 6-8th grade students.
  3. Your availability (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday).
  4. How many days a week you are willing to volunteer (1, 2, or 3).
  5. What subject areas you are most comfortable tutoring.
  6. Whether you can tutor students in Latin. 

Please reply by Wednesday, September 28 at 5PM.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing back.

Rachel Larson

Rachel Larson
Program Director

Breakthrough Cincinnati
6905 Given Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45243-2898
Phone: 513-979-0339

Posted: 9/23/16 12:54 PM

Hey Muskies!  Quick message here just to let you know everywhere you can go that will take your X-CASH. So if you are ever on the go with just your All-Card these are the spots you can hit!

Mail Center - You've got mail!

Bookstore - For all you worms out there.

Laundry Facilities - Only if you're starting to stink.

Pepsi, snack and coffee vending machines - the go-to satisfaction containers of goodness.

Hoff Dining Commons - FOOD!

Cintas Center Concessions - 49 more days, but who's counting?

McDonald Library - shhhh!

Ryans Pub - For the game and grub.

Starbucks (UStation) - If you're thinking trenta.

Coffee Emporium (GSC) - Try the cookies!

Bull Market Café (Smith) - Business casual dress is required. we kid.

Subway (GSC) - If you're longing for a footlong. 

Blue Gibbon (GSC) – to satisfy all your Chinese Cravings.

Currito Burrito (Xavier) – For those late night burrito meetings.

PLUS... SGA partnered with these restaurants at these locations for you guys!

                    Buffalo Wild Wings - Rookwood, Norwood 

                    Bruegger's Bagels - Hyde Park Plaza

                    Chipotle - Surrey Square, Norwood 

                    CVS - 5229 Montgomery rd, Norwood 

                    Fro-Yo - Ustation

                    Graeter's - Ustation

                    GoldStar - Ustaion

                    Top This - Ustation

                    TGI Fridays - 8150 Montgomery Rd

                    Delicio - 9321 Montgomery Rd


For more information:

Posted: 9/23/16 11:21 AM

Open to all: In this discussion, we will explore the concepts of stereotype threat and impostor syndrome, how these psychological phenomena affect underrepresented groups in the sciences & Philosophy, and some possible remedies. 

Location: Lindner 103, Physics Building

Tiem and Date: Mon. 9/26/16 at 3:00pm

1-Impostor Syndrome and Stereotype Threat.pdf

Posted: 9/23/16 10:00 AM

SGA senate elections are right around the corner. If you are interested in making a difference and joining student government you must attend one of the four informational meetings to obtain all of the necessary documents that need to be completed to become a candidate.
Below are the four meeting times:
  • Tuesday, October 11th at 5pm
  • Wednesday, October 12th at 12pm
  • Thursday, October 13th at 4pm
  • Friday, October 14th at 4:30pm
 All meetings will be in the Office of Student Involvement (Gallagher 210). If you have any question please email Board of Elections chair Talor Crawford at

For more information:

1-Senate Promo Flyer.pdf

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