Financial Opportunities

Friedlander Fund

The Friedlander Family Fund was created to reduce financial barriers for student; allowing them to be involved in collegiate engagement opportunities. Examples of involvement opportunities supported by this fund include, but are not limited to retreats, campus programs, events, or conferences with participation costs/fees.

To apply for Friedlander Funds, fill out all information requested and respond briefly to the questions. Submit this application form to the Division of Student Affairs in GSC 300. Submissions are reviewed on a weekly basis by our Leadership Team.

Co-Curricular Fund

The Co-Curricular Program Funding Board (CCPFB) was established in an effort to assist student clubs/organizations with funding for various events/programs (both on and off campus). The purpose is to provide supplemental monies for student groups that may need extra funds to help finance an event/program. These funds are to be used to help off-set the costs of an event, not to cover all expenses. As the sole source of supplemental funding for student clubs/organizations, there is no limit to how many times a student group can request funds from the CCPFB nor is there a limit to how much a request can be, provided all guidelines are followed.

To apply for Co-Curricular Funds, fill out all information requested and respond briefly to the questions. The form can be found here on OrgSync.