Departments & Offices

Gallagher Student Center

The GSC Office is the customer service center for the Student Center building and provides four primary services and programs to the Xavier community: the Welcome Desk, facility reservations, recreation, and student programming.

Mr. Joe Chrisman is the Director for GSC. See their website or call (515) 745-3000.

Summer Conferences

Xavier University can host groups of all ages and sixes for a few fays or a few weeks. We offer comfortable accommodations for sleeping on campus, economical options for meeting on campus and delicious options for eating on campus.

Mr. Joe Christman is the Director for Summer Conferences. See their website or call (513) 745-4889

Interfaith Community Engagement

Xavier's Office of Interfaith Community Engagement works to create and strengthen a sense of community among individuals of diverse faiths on campus, in Cincinnati, and on the regional and national levels through events, programming and student interaction.

Rabbie Abie Ingber is the Founding Director for Interfaith. See their website or call (513) 745-3569.

Multicultural, Gender & Women's Center

The Multicultural, Gender, & Women's Center embodies a commitment to empowering students of diverse populations.  The Center supports University constitutes as they explore and articulate their own identities, as they engage difference to inform and form their own values and will prepare students to lead in an increasingly interconnected and complex world.

Ms. Tamika Odum and Ms. Tekia Howard are the Associate Directors for the Center. See their website or call (515) 745-3181.

Recreational Sports

The Department of Recreational Sports endeavors to provide the Xavier community with the finest programs, services, facilities, and equipment in an effort to enhance the co-curricular learning opportunity and to foster a lifetime appreciation of individual growth for the whole person; (body-mind-spirit).

Mr. Jim Ray is the Director for Rec. Sports. See their website or call (515) 745-3208.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life seeks to assist in the development of the total person and recognizes residence hall living as an integral part of the students' educational process.

Ms. Lori Lambert is the Senior Director for Res. Life. See their website or call (515) 745-3203. 

Commuter Services

Commuter Services is a resource for commuter students and advocate for the unique needs and challenges of this student population. They are committed to providing services and programs that will enhance commuter involvement and connections to the Xavier community.

Ms. Cindy Stieby is the Assistant Director for Commuter Services. See their website or call (515) 745-3824.

Student Integrity & Conduct

The Director of Student Integrity helps to facilitate the students? living, learning and co-curricular experience by being responsible for all aspects of Xavier?s student conduct processes as it applies to individual students and student organizations.

Ms. Jean Griffin is the Director for Student Integrity. Click here for a copy of the Student Handbook or call (515) 745-3166.

Student Involvement

The Office of Student Involvement strives to foster a student-centered, diverse and interactive learning environment by engaging students and encouraging them to become active, civic-minded members of the campus and larger community. Student Involvement is committed to providing opportunities for students to attend, participate in and lead events in orientation and leadership development, student governance, programming, and student organization membership.

Ms. Leah Busam Klenowski is the Senior Director for OSI. See their website or call (515) 745-3004.

Student Government Association

The Xavier University Student Government Association exists to continuously improve the University and develop all students--undergraduate and graduate, part-time and full-time, traditional and nontraditional alike--as responsible and involved members and leaders of society. It consists of three bodies, the Executive, the Senate and the Student Activities Council.

Mr. Dustin Lewis is the Associate Director for Student Government and Student Activities. See their website or call (513) 745-4250.

Wellness Services

Xavier's Health and Wellness Center offers medical, counseling, psychological and other services to the campus community.

Mr. Dan Schloemer is the Administrative Director for Wellness Services. See their website or call (515) 745-3022.

Health Services

Health services include primary care, prevention, health education, allergy, travel medicine, lab, immunization and pharmacy. We can offer individualized care for students with special or ongoing medical needs.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are provided by professional psychologists and counselors to assist with a wide range of personal concerns including anxiety, depression, adjustment, relationships, eating disorders, alcohol and drug issues, family and other problems.

Psychological Services

Psychological services include individual therapy, couples and marital therapy, psychological evaluations, consultation and referral, and depending upon staffing, other services such as child and family therapy and group programs may be available.