Student Activities Council

Mission Statement

As the main programming body, the Student Activities Council, hereinafter SAC, shall strive to provide meaningful and enjoyable social, cultural and educational programs that appeal to the widest group of students possible and are accessible to all students.

About Student Activities Council

The Student Activities Council, along with Student Senate and the SGA Executives, is a branch of Xavier's Student Government Association. SAC has up to thirty students that work hard to provide activities for students to attend outside of the classroom. We strive to provide a variety of entertaining events that are open to all students. SAC searches for quality concerts, speakers, comedians, and other forms of entertainment that we can offer to the student body. As student representatives on SAC, we feel that it is important to hear input from the student body as a whole. We welcome all student suggestions and we encourage other student organizations to pursue collaboration with SAC to achieve their vision of student programming.

2012-2013 SAC Board Members

  • Blake Barlow
  • Elizabeth Bousson
  • Keenan Collins
  • Margaret Gill
  • Becky Griesmer
  • Tiffany Hudson
  • Katie Keller
  • Rob Kelly
  • Ian Kerley
  • Abbie Kinnett
  • Kelsey Kirkegaard
  • Kelly Kleier
  • Becca Longville
  • Collin Neri
  • Jacquelyn Reineke
  • Colleen Reynolds
  • Whitney Rohr
  • Kate Sabetta
  • Katie Schad
  • LeeAnn Scherbauer
  • Kevin Tighe
  • Kaitlin Whelan
  • Morgan Zuziak