Community Liaison

Last year senator Zach Aliberti community liaison for Xavier University. This person was selected to build relationship among off-campus student, neighbors, landlords and the university.



The Clock Tower is Blue!

20101216-_DSC0882-merge-edited.jpgYou may have noticed that the clock tower changed colors from the regular old white to Xavier blue. Thanks to our most spirited senator Needom Mitchell, the tower will now be lit up during men's basketball games to show support. Go Xavier! 



Kiosk Project

This fall you'll notice something new around campus. We're putting up new kiosk for clubs, student organizations, and SGA to promote on. There will be space for posters, flyer's, and even an LCD screen for digital advertising. Want to advertise there? Contact (insert name).



Embrace Your Neighbor

To get the Xavier SGA more involved in the local community in order to improve relationships with them and to ultimately burst the Xavier bubble.




Evanston Intern

Find a Xavier intern to help manage the Evanston community website.



Transcript Requests

Make transcripts available online for the student body.



Renovate the Buenger Music Room

Music students around campus came to SGA with concern with the lack of practice space. Senator Drew Dziedzik answered their call, now the Buenger music room has a new state of the art digital piano and comfortable atmosphere.



Printers in the Dorms

With all those papers we have to turn in, we think it's important for student to have access to printers that actually work! Bring printers to the Residence Halls starting with Buenger and the Commons.


Honor the Military

Save humanity.


Laundry Plan

To have a Laundry Plan for Xavier Students that live on campus so that students can use their X-cash for other purposes.


Basketball Ticketing

Improve the online system for basketball ticketing.



History of the Buildings

To educate the students of Xavier University on the historical significance behind the buildings around campus.



Mail Center

To work with the Mail Center to open it on Saturday's on select weekends throughout the year.



Mural in GSC

Create a mural established on campus that focuses on both Xavier's Jesuit tradition and student experience.


Residence Life Website Improvement

Improve the Residence Life website to include accurate pictures of the dorms in use in order to enable incoming students to make a more informed decision.





Change the time you can park in parking lots to one general time for all lots.




Color Printing

Bring color printers to campus for students to use at a low cost.



Cupcakes with SGA

Continue small events around Xavier to update the students on the workings of SGA.



Solidarity Day

Continue the tradition of "Solidarity Day" at Xavier University.

Renovate the Chapel Space

To return the Residence Hall chapels to their chapel form.



Babysitters on Campus

Create a babysitting service on campus for parents attending Xavier University.




Create a bike rental program on Xavier's campus.



Elect Her

Collaborating with UC's Student Government to host a conference to train female students to run for elected office on their campuses. The conference will take place on February 11th at UC. 


Muskie Move Out

A move-out donation drive to benefit St. Vincent DePaul.