Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs explores topics related to students' academics, such as issues that impact the educational experience of the student body or issues related to enrollment and retention. For more information, contact our committee chair: Jake Hudson.


Off-Campus Living
Off-Campus Living serves as a liaison for students who live off-campus and explores topics concerning these students, such as parking issues, safety in the surrounding neighborhoods, and working with commuter students. For more information, contact our committee chair: Shelby Alig.



Residential Affairs
Residential Affairs explores issues related to students living on campus, such as sustainability initiatives, dining services and residence life. For more information, contact our committee chair:  Abby Schafer.

Student Organizations
Student Organizations Committee is responsible for granting recognition to new student clubs, UAOs and subordinate bodies as well as allocating funding to these organizations through a request process each spring. For more information, contact our committee chair:  Jake Haigis.
Student Rights & Identity
Student Rights & Identity explores topics related to the protection and promotion of student rights and diversity at Xavier, particulary aimed to support those who have been marginalized. For more information, contact our committee chair:  (Vacant).


Meet Erin Hinson, the SGA 2013-2014 Senate Coordinator. Erin is responsible for assisting Senators on their initiatives and fulfilling their obligations to the SGA and their committee. Email Erin for more information on Senate.



Meet Dustin Lewis, Associate Director of Student Involvement and the advisor to Senate.
Email Dustin for more information about Senate.






Committees Meet in the SGA Office.  Any student is welcome to attend!

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