The Club Council

Establish a monthly meeting for club representatives to gather to improve communication and collaboration

Our progress so far...
  • Hosted first Club Council meeting at the end of April 2012
  • Working with club members to create a by-law this summer
  • Plans to host one a month next year
  • Scheduled Club Council for the third Sunday of every month
  • Will work with Club Relations Committee and Financial Affairs Committee to create by-laws and goals for Council
  • The Club Relations Committee on the Senate will be working with the Club Council this year.
Target completion date:  April 2, 2013
Status:  On Schedule


?Execs on Duty?

Have office hours outside of the SGA office

Examples of locations include: CLC, Smith Hall, and Residence Halls

Our progress so far...
  • First ?Execs on Duty? planned for September 2012
  • Will reach out to clubs and departments to meet and update them on our progress
  • Continue publicizing our work so students are updated on Executive progress as well as be open to ideas and recommendations for new projects
Target completion date:  April 2, 2013
Status:  On Schedule


Improve Promotions Around Campus

Create stations around campus to increase promotional material for the student body.

Create more bulletin boards in the Academic buildings to allow for more space to promote for events

Establish a promotional location within the Hoff Dining Center

Better utilize the Xavier App

Our progress so far...
  • Worked with Joe Jabour (SGA Senator) to work with Physical Plant to purchase three large promotions kiosks for around Xavier University
  • Provided funding to Physical Plant for kiosks to be purchased this summer
  • Kiosks will not be installed until Fall Break due to delay in design process
  • Physical Plant has been delayed in their progress. We will be assessing new ways to accomplish this project.
Target completion date:  November 1, 2012
Status:  Behind Schedule


Digital Signage Text in Responses

Implement software that allows text in responses to digital signage in order to increase student input

Our progress so far...
  • Working with IT to consolidate Digital Signage
  • Investigating text in response software
  • Reach out to SAC?s Publicity Committee to discuss the feasibility of this software for promotions on campus
Target completion date:  April 2, 2013
Status:  On Schedule


Better Communication with the Newswire

Pay for a bi-weekly SGA insert in the Newswire to keep student body updated on SAC, Senate and Executive projects

Our progress so far...
Target completion date:  April 2, 2013
Status:  On Schedule


More Accountability on the SGA Website

Redesign to be more informative and accessible

Our progress so far...
  • Worked with Crystal Guffey (SGA Resource Assistant) to improve SGA website
  • All the credit goes to Crystal Guffey and Mary Ballou for improvements to website
  • Will continue to update platform points throughout the year to explain progress
  • Email Seth Walsh, Kristin Sanfilippo, or Matt Morefield for quicker to date information.
Target completion date:  April 2, 2013
Status:  On Schedule


We're always looking for new ways to improve how our organization works. Email us, tweet at us, leave us a message on Facebook, give us a call, or stop by the SGA office in GSC 210.

Seth Walsh: 513-745-4249
Kristin Sanfilippo: 513-745-3520
Matthew Morefield: 513-745-3345