Caleb Mickler, President

   Hi! I hope all is well. Thanks for visiting this page to learn more about Kiana, Michael and I and a few of our ambitions during this term. Once again, my name is Caleb Mickler. I am a junior majoring in electronic media with minors in gender and diversity studies, public relations, advertising, and media studies.  My executive teammates are Kiana Salazar and Michael Quigley.  

  A great passion of mine has been public service; I love helping others. That is what attracted me to Xavier so much; the Jesuit values, mission and identity are ideals that I hope to be align to one day. During my time at Xavier, I have been on of Student Government Association, Student Activities Council, Center for Interfaith Community Engagement Leadership Cabinet and the Black Student Association

    A main initiative I want to do is assist within Xavier's ties within the surrounding neighborhoods we are situated in.  I want to reach out in how to assist in the effort to better those ties.

Legislative Vice President

Kiana Salazar, Legislative Vice President

Hi, I’m Kiana! I’m a sophomore from Chicago majoring in Special education and Montessori education. I’ll be serving as the Legislative Vice President. During our administration I hope to create more transparent ways to show our Jesuit Mission and Identity.


Administrative Vice President

Michael Quigley, Administrative Vice President

 How’s it going? My name is Michael and I will serve as the Administrative Vice President. I am a junior Economics major, with a minor in PreMed from Boston. In our term, I plan to focus on ways to have better consistency with academic policies. 



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