FINANCIAL AFFAIRS                

What We're Doing

A major portion of the SGA budget is funneled to Clubs and Student Organization. Our job is to make sure that money is fairly distributed. Every spring we are responsible for allocating money to each club fund. Throughout the year we provide special funding for special events or occasions. 

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Senate Members: Drew Dziedzic (Co-Chair), Jarrod Heydinger, Erin Hinson, Phil Krzeski





SAC Members: Kevin Tighe (Co-Chair), Blake Barlow, Becky Griesmer, Kelsey Kirkegaard 


Financial Funding Deadlines:

  • Check back for 2012-2013 deadlines.



Read our mission in the Senate Rules of Order (Chapter 3, Section 5)

Read the Financial Affairs Constitution for more information about the FAC Committee and our operations.