AFJ '15

Meet the Executive Team: AFJ '15

President: Andrew Redd Class of 2015

Legislative Vice President: Olafare Olagbaju Class of 2016

Administrative Vice president: Joshua DeVincenzo Class of 2016

Meet the Executives here...


Living the Commitment

As a team, AFJ is deeply rooted in the concept Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno--All for One and One for All. We will work towards making Xavier University the forefront of promoting individual growth and community building, based on the foundation of diversity and inclusion. This is how we live out our Student Commitment.  



How to Reach Us

Email us, give us a call at 513-745-4249, or stop by the SGA office in GSC 270. Come to our meetings (Mondays at 5:30p in OSI)- Open to all. 

Office Hours: Coming Fall 2015