Board of Elections

The Board of Elections ensures that all requirements of the Elections Code are followed during Senate and Executive Elections. They facilitate the Elections and are responsible for announcing the official Elections results. Find out more...


Student Rights Representative

The SRR serves as an advocate to all Xavier students facing judicial hearings according to the directives identified in the Student Handbook and all other relevant documents; to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Xavier students. Find out more...


Student Conduct Liasion

The SCL is charged to operate the Alternative to Documentation Fines Service Program. The SCL works with the surrounding community service sites in which students can go to do meaningful service as an alternate to paying a fine after their first documentation offense. Find out more...


University Committee Appointments

The SGA President also makes several appointments each year for various University Committees to the Provost. Find out more...



The new SGA Executive team presents a new student appointed position for the 2012-2013 academic year called the Student Conduct Liaison (SCL). SEE PRESS RELEASE


  • No applications are available at this time