Manresa Core works behind the scenes to plan the Orientation Program. They select the members of the Orientation Team and plan the activities and events that occur during Manresa.

Manresa Core 2016
Back Row: Stephanie Hagedorn, Carson Korn, Courtney Ambielli
Front Row: Katie Bauer, Caitlin Barner


Orientation Team

The Orientation Team consists of Group Leaders and Staff Members who help welcome the new students to campus.   They use their high energy to come together and make the best atmosphere for the new students during Manresa.


Group Leaders

Group Leaders are the members of the Orientation Team who work directly with the new students. They work in pairs to lead small group sessions and mentor new students during their first weekend at Xavier.



Manresa Staff Members consist of students who are in charge of all "behind-the-scenes" work that is so important in making the orientation program run smoothly. Staff manages the logistical preparations and arrangements for Manresa activities. Staff members help in coordinating move-in procedures, organizing all facility set-ups, and see to it that everything's ready for new students.

Join the Team

The application and selection process for Manresa Core takes place in October and November.

The application and selection process for the Orientation Team takes place in January. Information for this can be found at

Check back then for more info!

Assistant Director

Meet Molly Dugan, Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Leadership and Orientation. Molly is responsible for the supervision for the Manresa Core and Orientation Team. She provides direction on all aspects of the Manresa program to Manresa Core. Email Molly for more information about orientation.   

Graduate Intern

Meet Katie McGrath, the Orientation Graduate Intern. Katie serves as co- supervisor for Manresa Core and the Orientation Team and works on a variety of projects to benefit Xavier's orientation programs. The intern is hired through NODA each spring.