Manresa Staff Members or "Staffers" consists of returning students who are in charge of all "behind-the-scenes" work that is so important in making the orientation program run smoothly. Staff manages the logistical preparations and arrangements for Manresa activities. Staff members help in coordinating move-in procedures, organizing all facility set-ups, and see to it that everything's ready for new students. Look here for more updates throughout the summer for important staff information. 



Lizzy Archer Brianna Boyce Megan Celestina
James-Lewis Cerda Bryan Crigger Ellie Czejkowski
Ian Featherstone Donald Foley Charese Foster
Becky Hagedorn Megan Hanes Ellen Hanna
Winston Kunkel Michael Pappas Sofia Pascual-Hawayek
Collin Platts Giselle Spadaro Nicholas Talbot
Sam Thiss   Naomi Woodson-Levey




If you do not have your group's contact information please contact the Manresa email at!