"My First Few Weeks at Xavier" Phone Calling Information

 Step 1: Review the script. This is a guideline for making the calls, but you can make it your own?just be sure the basics of the info are given and let them know how to access the survey if they don?t have the emails anymore. 

Step 2: Review the excel file sent via email. This is the entire list of who has not completed the survey. To only see your group, use the drop down menu in the group ID column and only check your group number.

Step 3: Make the calls! Coordinate with your small group partner to divide up the group. If you get voicemail, you can leave messages.  

If you need phone numbers for your group members, open the PDF file below that pertains to your group. The files are password protected so check your email for that password.

Groups 1-16

Groups 17-56

Groups 3, 14, 25, 38, 43, 50, 55

Step 4: As you make your calls, make note of anything concerning that a small group member mentions to you. You will report this information back to me (see next step).

Step 5: Once complete, report back to Molly via the Manresa email (manresa@xavier.edu). In the email, make sure you include your group number, the calls you made (if you split the group, let me know), and any significant responses (concerns, etc.).