From left to right

Katie Slavik

Katie is a junior Occupational Therapy major from Columbus, she loves getting involved; She is involved in Manresa, Children's Charities Club, and XUSOTA. Upon graduation Katie hopes to work as an Occupational Therapist with the active military members in Washington, DC. Katie loves the Cincinnati Reds, doing service, and the city of Cincinnati; but she is terrified of wet paper.

Greg Pastorello

Greg  is a senior International Business Major from Atlanta. He serves as one of the core members for Manresa this year. Greg loves to to play intramural sports here at X and loves the community here. Greg is very excited for his last year at Xavier!

Libby Thornton

Libby is a junior PR major from Minnesota.  Along with Manresa, she is involved in the CFJ and RSA.  She loves the Minnesota Twins, reading Harry Potter, and eating Graeter's Ice Cream. Some of Libby's favorite things about Xavier are Brockman Hall, Basketball games and everyone outside on a sunny day!

Sam Meza

Sam is a senior Advertising and PR major. Originally from Massachusetts, Samantha is a transfer student who first came to Xavier at the start of her sophomore year.  In addiation to being on Manresa Core, she is on the Alternative Breaks Board, Vice President of the Xavier LGBTQ Alliance, a Sustainability Intern, and a student manager for Hoff Dining.  In her spare time, Sam likes to hang out with her puppy, Winston!

Laura Birckhead

Laura is a junior, Electronic Media major, from Cincinnati and she is  best known for her involvement in Xavier's Improv Troupe, Don't Tell Anna. She loves to make people laugh and Tina Fey is her idol. Laura enjoys theatre, being outside, graphic design, photography and driving. She loves Twitter and thinks tweeting is an artform. Random fact: avacados make her mouth itch but guacamole is one of her favorite foods.