(From left to right: Katie Bauer, Caitlin Barner, Stephanie Hagedorn, Carson Korn, Courtney Ambielli, Molly Dugan)


Meet Your Manresa Core 2016



Reigning from a town in the middle of Califon, New Jersey, Courtney's hometown is not nearly as entertaining or impressive as Katie's. Courtney is a member of Manresa Core and thus far is LOVING the eXperience! Courtney is a junior, double major in both Social Work and GDST with a minor in Human Resources in hopes to one day change the world! A small feat really.... You can find Courtney at Coffee Emporium having stimulating conversations (when she is supposed to be studying), at the gym (acting like she knows what she's doing) or watching Netflix alone on a Saturday night.

Court's favorite thing about Xavier is the community feel and OF COURSE... Manresa :) 

If Court could be a Kardashian, she would be.... well... this is obvious.



Reigning from the snowy city who rarely gets snow days (Grand Rapids, Michigan), brave Michigan resident, Caitlin Barner, could not be more PUMPED to be a member of the 2016 Manresa Core! Caitlin is a (screaming) senior majoring in early childhood special education. At Xavier, you can find Caitlin cheering her boys on at a basketball game, lifeguarding at the O'Connor Sports Center, and/or pounding an ice cream cone from Greaters. 


Caitlin's favorite thing about Xavier? The unlimited amount of activities (she is never bored) and of course MANRESAAAAAAAAAAA. 



Reigning from the town that was once feature on Scandal, Defiance Ohio resident Katie Bauer is SUPER PUMPED to be a member of the 2016 Manresa Core! Katie is a junior pursuing a double major of Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in Theatre. You can usually find Katie in the Gallagher Student Center theatre happily rehearsing, hanging out with her AWESOME core members, (re) binge watching One Tree Hill or Parks and Rec, in the caf for hours upon end (record: 5 hours with a 30 minute break) or adventuring around the Queen city with her wonderful (kweens) friends.

Katie's favorite thing about Xavier: The caf sandwich line and MANRESA!!!!!

If Katie was a Kardashian she would probably not be Kim because she doesn't have diamond earrings to just loose in the ocean.....



Reigning from the beautiful city once nicknamed Porkopolis (the Queen City, Cincinnati), fellow Xavier student, Stephanie Hagedorn is X-tremely & X-ponentially X-cited to be a member of the 2016 Manresa Core! Steph is a senior (omg) pursuing a major in Health Services Administration while minoring in Business and Pre-Physical Therapy. At Xavier, you can find Stephanie at some sort of sporting event or studying anatomy. And if you can't find her on campus, she's probably at a Reds game or cuddling her dog or both.


Steph's favorite thing about Xavier: Well that would have to be attending basketball games and Manresa... duh.


If Steph could be a Kardashian, she would be Kanye.



As our token male, Carson would be Rob if he could be a Kardashian.