From left to right:

(oh, hey there Molly Dugan), Jack Rozier, Sophie Stewart, Maddy Nave, Chloe Borah, and David Ritzenthaler


Jack is a Junior Public Relations major, Business minor from St. Genevieve, MO. If Jack was a DJ, his name would be "DJ Second Helpings", his ideal date would be squiring Arianna Grande to the nearest Arby's, he found out Santa wasn't real from the Tooth Fairy.

His favorite thing about Xavier: The school colors don't offend anyone and everyone looks great in navy and gray.  


Sophie is a Senior Psychology & Spanish major, Peace Studies minor from Zionsville, IN. She was originally born in Newtonards, Northen Ireland (so cool), her hair is so red that it determined the color of our Core polos, you can find her pounding pavement (aka the ancient art of running) on the streets of Noorwood, and she identifies most with Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Her favorite thing about Xavier: The community and the wonderful people here!


Maddy is a Senior Occupational Therapy major from Naperville, IL. She is most happiest when she's eating or when she is with her family in Naperthrill, she identifies most with Leonardo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, when asked about her favorite song to dance to, she said: "Puhhhlease, I dance when there's no music." She also looks dynamite when driving a minivan.

Her favorite thing about Xavier: The opportunities it has given her that she never thought were possible. 


Chloe is a Junior Advertising major, Professional Writing and Donuts minor from Columbus, OH. She is an unofficial benchwarmer for the basketball team, her ideal date would be dining with Matt Stainbrook at the Cheesecake Factory and then racing Ubers around Noorwood, and she knows how to moonwalk when given the right pair of fuzzy socks. 

Her favorite thing about Xavier: (quote, end quote) "GOSH, I just really love Xavier."


David is a Junior Biophysics major, Biochemistry minor (aka boy-genius) from Sandusky, OH. His part-time DJ name is "DJ Failed the MCAT", his imaginary friend's name is Jack Rozier, he found out Santa wasn't real from Mrs. Miller on December 5, 2003 (never forget), his superpower is reciting the Periodic Table of Elements from memory, and he's so smart that the show "Jimmy Neutron" is loosely based on his middle school career.

His favorite thing about Xavier: The level of societal awareness that the students and staff have here! And good ole Father B.