Student Organization Privileges*

*These privileges do not apply to Student Working Groups and Limited Affiliation Group (formerly Interest Groups).  Limited Affiliation Groups are only eligible to reserve space on campus (including outdoors) and have access to promote events with the digital signage.  Student Working Groups have access to privileges and resources provided by their respective department or office.

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Student Organization Responsibilities

As a student organization affiliated with Xavier University, your actions, events and standards of operating should best reflect the mission of the university, the mission of your organization, and the values and traditions of a Jesuit institution.  In addition to this, a student organization also accepts the following responsibilities, including:

  • Maintaining registration throughout the year by keeping organization officer information updated and current in OrgSync and by completing an annual reregistration/reactivation for the organization with the Office of Student Involvement/Student Government Association
  • Following and complying with the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook (
  • Observing all laws, regulations and policies governing the various activities of the group
  • Attending an annual Student Organization Workshop*
  • Receiving approval from the Office of Student Involvement for
    • Fundraising activities, including the design of any printed or sold merchandise as well as the collection of donated materials
    • Trips and domestic travel off-campus, such as to conferences or service trips
    • Posting signs/flags outdoors on campus
    • Reserving outdoor event spaces
    • Reserving space in the Fenwick Place Atrium (the lobby outside Hoff Dining)
    • Providing alcohol at a student event
  • Utilizing appropriate risk release (Assumption of Risk) paperwork when the organization is participating in a higher risk activities, extended distances of travel or extended lengths of time away from campus ( for more information)
  • Maintaining an active advisor for the organization and an active relationship with the advisor
  • Submitting completed and on time Mid Year and Year End Reports to the Office of Student Involvement*
  • Participating in student organization training opportunities provided by the Office of Student Involvement
  • Fulfilling an obligation to maximize the use of funding allocated from the Student Activity Fee to best benefit the student body*
  • Checking the organization's mailbox on a weekly basis*
  • Observing the end of programming deadlines each semester on the Friday night at midnight preceding a Finals Week, where no events or activities can take place until Finals Week has concluded

*Student Working Groups and Limited Affiliation Group (formerly Interest Groups) are not necessarily responsible for these points, however, both are encouraged to attend trainings and opportunities to develop their leadership and their understanding of policies and practices from the university.

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