Maintaining Your Club Activation

Once a club has been approved and recognized by the Student Government Association, they are considered activated.  Clubs are required to maintain an active membership of at least 10 members, hold meetings on a regular basis, produce activities and events that are complementary to their mission statement, and comply with policies and procedures for forms and requests in the Office of Student Involvement.  

Throughout the academic year, there are various steps that are required to maintain the activation, culminating in a process each spring to formally reactivate the club for the next academic year.  This includes the following:

  1. Complete a Mid Year Report by the end of the fall semester due date
  2. Update your club's OrgSync profile with newly elected officers and advisor(s)
  3. Complete an Advisor Agreement Form each spring and when a new advisor joins the group
  4. Complete a Year End Report by the end of the spring semester due date
  5. *Submit a Budget Allocation Request for funding from SGA

In addition to these four steps, clubs often remain active by producing programs and events throughout the year.  If a need for additional funding arises to support these activities, clubs can apply for the Student Organization Resource Fund (SORF).

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Mid Year & Year End Reports

All clubs are required to complete a Mid Year Report (in December) and a Year End Report (in April) to be filed electronically through OrgSync with the Office of Student Involvement.  These reports are built to capture information from student organizations related to their operations, progress on goals for the year, learning outcomes for club leaders, and feedback for the Office of Student Involvement. Reports must be completed by the current (or outgoing) president. Reports from any other club member or advisor will not be accepted.

The reports include an Excel template to be completed and uploaded, located on the right bar of this page along with the link to the form.

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OrgSync Club Profile Updates

Throughout the year, if your primary club officers (President, Vice President or Treasurer) or your advisor changes, you should update your club's OrgSync profile with the new information to reflect the most up-to-date contacts.

In the spring, every club will be contacted to formally reactivate for the next academic year and will be asked to review your club's OrgSync profile and make any edits or updates to the group before the reactivation deadline.  Administrators within your OrgSync group can make these updates by logging into the group's profile and clicking the "Settings" tab on the bottom left bar.

If you are a new officer for your club but do not have access as an Administrator for your group's OrgSync profile, please contact the Office of Student Involvement to give you access.

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Advisor Agreement Form

All club advisors are asked to complete an Advisor Agreement Form.  This form exists as an agreement between the advisor and the club but also between the advisor and the Office of Student Involvement. 

These forms are annually renewed by existing advisors each spring as a part of the formal reactivation process; however, the form should also be resubmitted any time your club changes advisors.  The form requires the signature of the current club president and the advisor.  This form can be found under the Advisor Resources section or located on the right bar of this page.

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SGA Budget Allocation Requests

SGA-recognized clubs are eligible to apply for an annual allocation from the Student Activity Fee through the SGA Club Budget Allocation Request process.  This process takes place each spring allowing clubs to request funding to support their events and activities for the upcoming academic/fiscal year.  In the spring, the SGA Student Organizations Committee will contact all existing clubs to explain the timeline and process for receiving an allocation. 

Clubs that do not follow the timeline or make a late allocation request will be penalized.

*Submission of a Budget Allocation Request is optional for clubs based on the group's financial need for the upcoming year.  Some clubs may not require any funding or any additional funding beyond their existing rolled over funds from the previous year.

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2015 Mid End Reports for student organizations are available:
November 13
and due:
December 11 by 5pm

2016 Year End Reports for student organizations are available:
April 1
and due:
April 29 by 5pm

YEAR END REPORT 2016 - Not Available







Officer Transition Checklist (Coming Soon)