Move Crew

Move-In Day 2015: Wednesday, August 19 & Thursday, August 20

To volunteer with Move Crew, please click HERE.

What is Move Crew? Move Crew is a group of volunteers made up of Xavier students, faculty, and staff who want to help welcome new students to campus on their very first day here.

Move Crew is an essential part of Move-In Day. This group of caring, hard working, and enthusiastic individuals from the Xavier community are the first smiling faces students see after a sometimes long and anxious car ride to our campus. Join us, roll up your Move Crew tee-shirt sleeves, and help give a big Xavier Welcome...by carrying all their stuff!

Manresa Check-In

Manresa Check-in 2015: Thursday, August 20

To volunteer with Manresa Check-in, please click HERE.

Helping with Manresa Check-In is a great way to welcome the Class of 2019 to the Xavier Community and to Manresa 2015. There are opportunities to help with new student check-in, volunteer check-in, and greeting families. 

Recycling Assistant

Recycling Assistant: Thursday, August 20

To volunteer with as a Recycling Assistant, please click HERE.

During Manresa Move-In you will be encouraging new students and their families to recycle their move-in materials (i.e. cardboard, books, boxes, etc.) and directing them to the appropriate containers. This is a great way for those passionate about the environment to assist our new students!