Student Enrichment Mission Statement

The Division of Student Enrichment at Xavier University challenges and supports students to integrate their learning, personal and spiritual growth, and professional development.  Through our programs and services, students encounter people of diverse cultures and worldviews and reflect on their lives and learning so that they may understand more fully their identities, values, and aspirations. We encourage students to become critical thinkers, successful practitioners of their chosen careers, and active members of both their local and global communities.

Student Enrichment Student Learning Outcomes

Through experiential learning, mentoring, and collaborative programming, students who work with us will be
able to:

  • Reflect upon their experiences of the world and their spiritualities in a way that informs their future thoughts, values, attitudes and behaviors.
  • Articulate how the various aspects of their identity impact their view of the world.
  • Understand their preferred learning and communication styles.
  • Navigate the university successfully and claim their success.
  • Discern and pursue career and lifestyle choices that match personal talents and interests with the needs of the world.