Sport Marketing

Sport marketing includes any combination of skills related to the promotion, selling, and/or advertising of sport services and/or products within the context of an organization or department whose primary product or service is related to sport and/or physical activity.

The sport management and sport marketing programs at Xavier have been designed around nine curricular areas. These areas include: management, societal ethics, legal aspects, communications, marketing, finance, economics, sport and exercise science and field experience.

The student is required to complete a nine semester hour internship during the senior year. Students may register for 3-hour blocks or complete a full-time 9 hour internship. Each 3-hour block equals 200 clock hours for a total of 600 clock hours through the internship experience. This internship experience is designed to provide the student with the opportunity to work in a particular area of the sport industry.

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in sport management/sport marketing.