Course Descriptions

SPMG521 PRIN OF MGMT IN SPORT ADMIN (3.00) Past, current and future trends in the field of sport management. Administrative theory, function, and application within the field of sport management.

SPMG522 RESEARCH & STATISTICS (3.00) Fundamental statistics and research methods. Current journals in sport administration. Representative samples. Historical, descriptive, experimental and philosophical research.

SPMG523 SPORTS ADMINISTRATION SEMINAR (3.00) Current issues. Topics by guest practitioners. The diversity of the sport industry. Careers, position demands, and trends.

SPMG595 SPORTS ADMINISTRATION: MKTG (3.00) The evolution of the field, its place in our economy, a marketing plan, current trends, case histories. Proposals offered by promoters. Career in sport marketing.

SPMG596 SPORTS ADMINISTRATION: FINANCE (3.00) Sport and athletic/not-for-profit budgets-program based, project based, and line-item based. Formulating budgets. Budgeting cycles, political ramifications imposed and utilized in the federal cycle, fiscal year, and reserves. Financial markets, cash management, and municipal underwriting of recreation and parks facilities. Scale sheets, bond issues, BAN, VKX, sinking fund, etc. Grant-writing. Sources of funding, and endowment foundations.

SPMG598 LEGAL & ETHICAL ISS SPORT & PE (3.00) Legal and ethical issues with regard to youth, school, college, amateur and professional sports.

SPMG622 PERSONNEL ISSUES IN SPORT MGMT (3.00) Personnel functions. Job analysis, job description, recruitment, employee selection and retention, EEOC and affirmative action, staff morale and development, leadership and organizational culture, job performance/evaluation and mentoring.

SPMG625 HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ADMIN (3.00) Current issues facing today's high school athletic director such as: student-athletes, faculty, staff development, administration, budget, and community relations in the operation and management of a high school athletic department.

SPMG632 SPORT EVENT MGMT & PROMOTION (3.00) Operating special events with an emphasis on sports events. Administrative procedures, operational techniques, hospitality, public relations and marketing, and technical services. Practical application on scheduled events.

SPMG642 SPORT FUND-RAISING (3.00) Fundraising as it relates to sports.

SPMG652 NCAA: RULE, REGULATION,POLICIES (3.00) The development of collegiate aport and the NCAA from 1906-present. Critical issues facing collegiate sport today. The NCAA constitution, by-laws, and administrative structure. Comprehensive knowledge of the operating by-laws and operational differences between Division I, II, III.

SPMG654 WOMEN IN SPORT (3.00) Cultural, social-psychological, and physiological issues related to gender that influence the nature and extent of involvement.

SPMG662 PR & COMMUNICATION IN SPORT (3.00) The relationship between public relations practitioners and the media. The art of writing a press release. Coordination of a press conference. Advertising/marketing campaigns. Organization of special events. Management of a public relations crisis. Career opportunities.

SPMG664 FACILITY DESIGN & PLANNING (3.00) Planning and managing athletic, physical education, recreation, and other sport facilities.

SPMG666 FITNESS MANAGEMENT (3.00) Planning, organizing, and effectively managing the administration of health related fitness programs. Leadership characteristics, organizational strategies, proven business techniques. Diverse and multiple perspectives of contemporary administrative management for fitness.

SPMG668 ADMIN OF FITNESS & WELLNESS PROG (3.00) Development and administration of current fitness and wellness principles.

SPMG670 INDEPENDENT STUDY (1.00-3.00) Investigate an area of student interest within the sport industry. Advisor's approval.

SPMG692 SPORT ADMIN RESEARCH PROJECT (3.00) Research project. Guidance from a faculty member.

SPMG695 INTERNSHIP IN SPORT ADMIN (3.00-6.00) The internship may be taken after successfully completing 15 semester hours. Will select either a three credit (200 clock hours) or six credit (400 clock hours) internship experience. Internships are planned and supervised learning activities. Take place in a sport industry.