Learning to be men & women
with others ...

Immerse in rich Nicaraguan culture and Spanish language.

Engage  community through service site, host family, barrio, and  excursions.

Deepen understanding of social justice issues .

Xavier's Solidarity Semester in Nicaragua combines at least 15 credit hours of academic study with reflection, and work in local, community organizations. A primary goal of the semester is the integration of academic study with the experience of service and accompaniment. Students combine knowledge of the culture, religion, history, government, and economics of the region, with an emphasis on issues of social justice. Engagement with the local community provides students with the opportunity to study in the context of living and working with the economically poor. 

Why Choose the Solidarity Semester:
Nicaragua Program? 

"One learns different things in a different way compared to a semester at Xavier. It is interactive learning ... that affects the heart, mind and soul. I've never learned more about certain subjects, about myself or others at any other level of my education." Nicaragua program alum

"Huge personal growth experienced during that trip - spiritually, socially, ethically - I came back a more humble but more passionate person, and I still reflect back on that time as pivotal for me." Nicaragua program alum

Nicaragua in the News:

With a Soft Approach On Gangs, Nicaragua Eschews Violence by: Eyder Peralta, NPR
Oct 28, 2014-Despite being one of the poorest countries in a dangerous region, Nicaragua remains one of the safest in Central America. 

Nicargua Semester Approved by: Taylor Fulkerson, Xavier Newswire 
Oct 24, 2014-This article announces the semester-long program will run after undergoing a program review during the 2013-2014 academic year. It provides a description of the unique qualities of this program and how they relate to Xavier's Jesuit mission and goals. 


Application deadline: Oct 14, 2016

Upcoming Events: 

Study Abroad Fair - Sept. 22nd
Xavier Yard
10:00am to 3:00pm 

Solidarity Semester: Nicaragua Celebrated 20 years: 1995-2015!