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How Field Education is Unique at Xavier


Field education at Xavier is central to the mission of Jesuit education in two ways, one, it is grounded in experience and two, utilizes reflection to consider the development of the “whole person” and professional. The work that you will be doing in your agency while engaging in reflection in the concurrent senior seminar is where this mission is realized. This reflects what Peter Kolvenbach, S.J. (2001) states, is the mission of Jesuit education. He states,

The real measure of our Jesuit universities lies in who our students become…Tomorrow’s ‘whole person’ cannot be whole without an educated awareness of society and culture…Tomorrow’s whole person must have, in brief, a well-educated solidarity.

We must therefore raise our Jesuit educational standard to educate ‘the whole person of solidarity for the real world.’ Solidarity is learned through ‘contact’ rather than through ‘concepts.’… When the heart is touched by direct experience, the mind may be challenged to change (pp. 23-24).

Thus at Xavier, you will not only learn to be an effective and competent professional social worker but you will also have the opportunity to develop as a “whole person” , ready and passionate about engaging in the world to solve real problems challenging all of us.

So, Let‘s Get Started.