Declaring Social Work as a Major

  • Students may declare Social Work as a major as incoming freshman or thereafter during their career at Xavier as long as they are in good academic standing in the university.
  • Students interested in the major need to meet with the department chair and will then be assigned an Academic Advisor within the Social Work Department.
  • Students declaring Social Work as a Major are required to meet with their Academic Advisor every semester to ensure completion of the required curriculum.


Acceptance into the university is necessary for acceptance as a social work major. All freshman applicants to the university are required to submit the results of The College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing Program Examination (ACT). Evidence of a student's potential for success in college studies is judged by the high school grade point average, rank in class, aptitude test scores, and the comments offered on recommendations. Of these, the high school record (or for transfer students, the previous college record) remains the most important factor.

Academic Advising

Through academic advising and dialogue with social work faculty and staff, the student is provided with the opportunity to assess her or his abilities and capacity for a career in social work. Each student's performance is evaluated at the end of each semester to establish that the student is meeting the minimum standards for continuing the pursuit of a social work degree. Students are advised to select elective courses or other educationally related experiences that will provide depth and breadth to their educational experience. Academic credit is not given for life experiences, however. The department chair is responsible for evaluating if all program requirements have been met for graduation and works closely with the Registrar's office to assess University and program degree requirements.

Registration for Classes

Although it is the student's responsibility to fulfill all requirements for degree attainment, social work majors are required to have an academic advising meeting each semester with their assigned academic advisor to plan for the next semester. A hold will be put on registration until students have met with their advisor. The function of the meeting is to check that academic requirements are being met regarding the social work major, the core curriculum, and matters pertinent to professional planning. The student and advisor use an advising checklist form and the degree evaluation report online to monitor academic progress towards completion of the B.S.W. 

Change of Major and Transfer Students

Transfer students from other programs within the University and from other academic institutions need to meet with the Chairperson. The student is then assigned to an academic advisor. The Xavier University Registrar evaluates all non-social work course work which students wish to transfer from another university. All transfer credits which would meet social work program requirements are reviewed by the Chairperson for the determination of equivalency to Xavier courses. The first consideration in reviewing transfer credits is to be sure that all course content has been met and that duplication either does not occur or is minimal. 

Center for Adult & Part-Time Students (CAPS)

Non-traditional students who have attended other regionally accredited institutions of higher education must complete an application for admission through the Center for Adult and Part-Time Students (CAPS).

The CAPS office admits and advises students age 22 and older through day, evening and weekend appointments and can provide free transfer credit evaluations. Students coming into the social work major through CAPS will finish their careers at Xavier with two academic advisors. They retain an advisor through CAPS and have a social work advisor as well.