We launch. We engage. We grow.

In the summer of 2013, Xavier's Williams College of Business unveiled X-Link, an initiative designed to support locally-owned business while providing students with unique experiential learning projects.

X-LINK consists of LaunchCincy, a series of entrepreneurship workshops, and X-LINK Course Projects, which connect local businesses and non-profits to university courses that enable growth. X-LINK impacts 26 neighborhoods in the region, over 150 local businesses, and it has involved over 300 undergraduate and MBA students.


  • We Launch - Local entrepreneurs who want to start their own business are offered the chance to attend one of our LaunchCincy Workshops; a series of workshops designed to help people start their own businesses.
  • We Engage - We connect existing independent businesses with a support system.
  • We Grow - By connecting independent businesses and non-profits in the area with courses at Xavier, we combine experimental learning with continued growth of our local economy!

Xavier University is starting X-LINK Incubator Workshops in partnership with the Cincinnati Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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