Xavier’s Williams College of Business is launching a new Student-Run Business program (SRB) this year.  The program will operate under the newly-named Sedler Family Center for Experiential Learning in Business — and will include 2-3 student-run businesses in the first year.  Along with a number of new initiatives, this “student-run” program will produce tangible value for students by creating experiential learning activities related to innovation, teamwork and entrepreneurship embedded within a wider community.

By the end of spring, the program will include 2-3 businesses collectively funded with up to $100k and developed entirely by student ideas, teamwork, planning and execution.  SRB coaches and business advisory board will support the start-up process and help with long-term program development.  By year five, the SRB expects to have 4-5 running businesses and generate revenue.

All students are welcome to participate.

Watch the video below to see the D'Artagnan Enterprises team presenting our portfolio of businesses at the Student-Run Business Conference at Loyola University, Chicago in February: