Xavier University's Statement on Sexual Orientation 

Central to Xavier University's mission and identity as a Catholic, Jesuit University is its belief that all members of the University Community - students,faculty, staff, administration and alumni - are children of God, redeemed through His Son, Jesus Christ. Flowing from this shared and sacred identity is the requirement that all members of the University Community intend nothing less than the happiness and fulfillment of one another, a fulfillment that is, while distinctly human, nonetheless, divine in origin.

Consequently, discrimination against and harassment of one member of the University Community by any other member of the University Community, strikes at the very heart of this institution. Roman Catholic doctrine teaches us that such offenses are especially egregious when directed against the move vulnerable and marginalized members of the Community. Indeed, the Church teaches that special efforts to include and encourage these Community members are always praiseworthy in God's eyes.

It must be recognized that gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender people and those questioning their sexual identity constitute one such vulnerable population within the University Community. Hence, this University states unequivocally that gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni are welcome members of the University community, including its gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual members, as the children of God they are. 

Not only does the University call upon each and every one of its members to respect and honor all other members as brother and sisters in one Lord God, it also draws to the attention of all its members the traditional and wise Catholic moral teaching that properly locates sexual activity with the relationship of a man and a woman united for life through marriage as husband and wife. Our religious identity therefore impels us to recognize the norm of chastity for everyone, whether homosexual or heterosexual, just as the same identity otherwise impels us to recognize the norm of universal love and respect. 

The University recognizes that some will feel that amending the University's Nondiscrimination Policy would constitute a preferable mode of declaring the University's stance on this issue. Given the imprecise legal definition of the terms involved, and the ongoing attempts to codify shifting societal attitudes both through statutes and legal precedent, the University deems this step unwise and inappropriate. The distinctions between sexual orientation and sexual conduct essential to Catholic teaching may not be the chief consideration of civil authorities and judicial bodies. As a Catholic, Jesuit University, Xavier University must always and will always avoid any attempts by external civil judicial bodies to determine how it may or may not conduct itself according to its special religious identity.