Issues and Questions for LGBTQ Students (Common Student Issues)

Young people who are dealing with the issues of coming out as being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered have many questions. While Safe Zone Allies are not expected to have all the answers to these questions, your attentive listening can help them sort through these issues. 

  • Will people still like me?
  • Am I being dishonest if I am not "out" to everyone?
  • Should I tell my roommate?
  • Can I be a student leader if I am gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered?
  • Should I make up a boyfriend/girlfriend so no one will suspect?
  • My professor made a homophobic remark. Will he/she fail me if I confront him/her?
  • Can I put my involvement with LGBTQ clubs on my resume?
  • If I go to the student health center, should I "come out" to the doctor or will GAY be written on all of my records? Will he/she treat me the same?
  • Can I join a sorority or fraternity if I want to?
  • How do I find supportive administrators at the university?
  • Can I really choose teaching as my major? People don't want a gay man/lesbian teaching their children.
  • What is this university doing to educate others about homophobia or will I have to do it alone?
  • All my textbooks have heterosexual examples. How can I ask for there to be positive gay examples used in my courses? How can I suggest more inclusive language from my professors?