Safety at Xavier

The purpose of this site is to provide a central communication point providing current information regarding campus safety issues and focuses on,

  • Providing important safety updates. In the event of a campus incident, this site will provide the most current information;
  • Actions students can take to stay safe on campus and in the community;
  • Resources Xavier provides for campus and student safety and security;

Campus Safety

Xavier University is a community of almost 8,000 persons working, living, and studying on campus. As in all communities, personal safety, crime, and the loss of property can all be issues. Crimes of opportunity such as the theft of unattended books, computers or backpacks compose 95% of campus crime. Crimes related to personal behavior and relationship issues, involving alcohol or substance abuse and personal responsibility, make up the balance. It is important to note that most, if not all, of these crimes are preventable. As you explore this website, we provide suggestions and tips on how to keep yourself and your property safe.

How Safe is Xavier

Families and students are always concerned about safety and want to know “How safe is the Xavier campus?” simply and directly, Very Safe. Campus crimes decreased by 27% during the 2009-2010 academic year as compared to the previous year, even though the residential population on campus grew by 17%. In fact, personal and  property crimes have remained flat over the last four years. However, it is important to note Xavier is part of a larger urban community and we make the personal safety and security of all students, faculty, staff and visitors a top priority.

The Greater Cincinnati Community

Xavier is located primarily within the city of Cincinnati, recently rated 9th among America's 40 safest cities by Forbes magazine. The list recognizes the nation's top metro areas with the lowest rates of violent crime, workplace deaths, fatal crashes and natural disasters.

The Xavier campus is surrounded by three very different neighborhoods. The city of Norwood welcomes many of our students in off-campus housing and retail stores and venues. Evanston is one of several transitional neighborhoods in the area, and many of our students volunteer in the recreation center after school hours and work with the neighborhood children. North Avondale is one of the oldest, grandest neighborhoods in Cincinnati and is where several faculty members own homes and many students rent, taking advantage of its close proximity to campus. Learn more about living in Cincinnati.


What Students Can Do

We cannot, however, do the job alone. Every member of the Xavier community should safeguard their personal safety. As a student, important actions you can take:

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • See it, hear it, report it to Xavier Police, (513) 745-1000.
  • Lock your room door.
  • Protect your valuables, do not leave them unattended.
  • Secure electronics.
  • Watch your books.
  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Do not abuse alcohol or other drugs.
  • Use common sense.

A more detailed explanation of each of these points is included under Student Safety.

What Xavier Does

Xavier University maintains a professional, state certified police force with police powers and authority under Section 1713.50 of the Ohio Revised Code. All officers have undergone police officer training through the Ohio Peace Officer's Training Academy as mandated under Section 1713.50(d) of the Ohio Revised Code. In addition we provide:

  • Around the clock police patrols with a 24/7 dispatch center.
  • A well lit campus.
  • Emergency phones located throughout campus buildings and grounds.
  • Highly secure residence halls using card access for admittance.
  • A variety of crime prevention programs each year.
  • Personal safety classes.
  • Mandatory fire safety training in each residence hall.
  • An escort service after dark.

In addition, Xavier Police have instituted a program of Community Oriented Policing (COP) and maintain mutual aid and support agreements with the cities of Cincinnati and Norwood. The success of the Community Oriented Police initiative has been recognized by Xavier's Student Government Association for its positive impact on students.