Kaeli Wuotila     

Title: President 

Year: Junior

Major:  Marketing / Minor: Psychology 

Why SAA? I chose to be in SAA because I love to talk with people and learn about why the alumni chose Xavier and how their experiences have helped them get to where they are today! 




Andrew Thyen

Title: Vice President

Year: Junior

Major: Natural Sciences and Spanish 

Why SAA? I joined SAA because I knew it would provide me with the opportunity to become further involved in the Xavier community. Not only would it help me with my interactions between my peers, but it would also open doors for my future and helps me understand what it means to be a Xavier Alumni.




Matthew Meyerhoffer     

Title: Treasure 

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting and Finance 

Why SAA? I choose SAA because I am grateful for the donations made by the alumni of Xavier University. I want to give back to someone who is helping provide me with an education. If it was not for the scholarship programs, made possible by the alumni, I would not be able to be at Xavier! Thank you!  




Winston Kunkel  

Title: Secretary

Year: Junior

Major: Actuarial Science and Mathematics 

Why SAA? - I chose to join SAA to develop camaraderie with my fellow Musketeers, each coming from a diverse background. From the beginning I enjoyed the close-knit group and the ability to express our shared interest in bringing each alumnus or alumnae back to their alma' mater this is the wonderful Xavier. Each event that SAA participates in is a chance to develop a bond with alumni and walk them down memory lane—an experience that no other club can offer.




Hannah Sheppard 

Title: Events Chair

Year: Senior

Major: Theatre and Communication Studies / Minor: Strategic Human Resource Management

Why SAA? My favorite part of SAA is talking with alumni about how much the Xavier campus has physically changed but how true the Jesuit values still are. It shows how strong Xavier is at its core.





SAA Adviser

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Elle McFarland