About SAA

SAA Responsibilities

  • Attend and co-host Reunion Weekend
  • Help market and attend Men's basketball pre-games and outings
  • Serve as a student board for National Alumni Board Meetings
  • Serve as student ambassadors for March Gladness
  • Develop outstanding leadership skills through off-campus leadership retreats
  • Attend general bi-monthly meetings

Become a Member of SAA

We are looking for energetic, dedicated students who exhibit XU pride. If you would like to be involved in a club that allows you to go out into the Xavier Alumni community and build ties with campus life, SAA is for you. Look for our booth at Career Day in Cintas. You can stop by and ask questions, meet current members, and get a feel for what SAA is all about. If you cannot attend, but would like to get involved, e-mail us at SAA@xavier.edu. Lets go X!