Priority Registration Experience Program in the Road to Xavier

Xavier's former Priority Registration Experience Program (PREP) is now part of the Road to Xavier process for incoming students. This online format provides students and their parents with a convenient and flexible orientation and registration process, which is especially helpful for students who may have a difficult time coming to campus before the fall. Overall coordination of the orientation, advising and registration of incoming students is now the responsibility of Enrollment Management.

Quick Overview:

  • The incoming first-year class and their parents/families are becoming familiar with Xavier using the newly enhanced Road to Xavier.
  • The Road to Xavier offers greater flexibility than an on-campus experience. It saves time and the expense of traveling to Xavier prior to the 5-day orientation program ("Manresa") in August.
  • The Road to Xavier offers an array of online experiences that assist both students and their family members to learn and understand Xavier's unique culture.
  • Topics covered on the Road to Xavier include: Placement Testing, Class Registration and Scheduling, Residence Life, Financial Aid and Billing, Jesuit Identity and Campus Life.


About the Road to Xavier

Road to Xavier home page

The Road to Xavier was developed as a tool for incoming students by Undergraduate Admissions and University Communications (formerly Web Services and Marketing) in 2006. Once students log in to the site, they can meet future classmates and make important selections about their Xavier experience.  With the addition of the content formerly provided during PREP, students can now do all of the following and more online:

  • Select a room and roommate
  • Register for classes
  • Take placement tests
  • Identify an area of study
  • Arrange a personal advising phone call
  • Choose a meal plan
  • Upload an All Card photo
  • Find financial information
  • Learn about Xavier's Jesuit tradition
  • Read about health and wellness services
  • Receive information about move-in day and Manresa orientation

Along with the convenience of the online process, students and their parents will have opportunities to develop relationships with their peers and with Xavier through campus visits, social media, online chats and Manresa orientation. Academic advising will take place through personal phone calls and through in-person sessions at events hosted by the Office of Admission.

What the Experience Looks Like


Road to Xavier - student view

On the Road to Xavier, students see a series of tabs across the top that they can click to discover their next steps in the orientation/registration process, modify their online profile information, view personalized financial information (including payment plan selection and financial aid awards) and register for upcoming visit opportunities. Through the Game Center tab, students can keep track of points and badges they have earned for completing tasks and participating in challenges, earning prizes along the way.

Presentation of Content

All of the steps students need to take to be prepared for the fall appear over the course of the spring and summer on the Your Road to Xavier tab. Under Your Next Steps, students can find the top items on their to-do list, with a button to either complete a task or verify that they have read the required materials.

Items that are coming up soon that students may need to be aware of, as well as completed items that they may want to reference later, are listed in the Coming Up and Complete sections.

Road to Xavier - Your Next Steps


Content Formats

Road to Xavier - videoThe Road to Xavier presents information to students in a variety of formats. In some cases, content is presented as text in students' Your Next Steps list or as inbox messages sent directly to the students through Road to Xavier.  Many paper forms that students filled out during PREP have been uploaded as PDF documents or recreated as online forms, with reports delivered to the corresponding offices.


University Communications' video team has worked with members of the university community to create videos on subjects like the advising process and Xavier's Jesuit identity.

Other videos serve as an introduction to the Office of the Bursar and Financial Aid, and some present more specific messages to particular audiences, such as commuter students and student athletes.

Each video is accompanied by a transcript, for students who would prefer to receive the information by reading the text.


To provide students with a sense of where they will be living, University Communications has also created 360-degree panoramas of living and dining spaces.



After completing certain modules, students are presented with a multiple-choice quiz to reinforce the important points in the material.  If a question is answered incorrectly, the correct answer is given to the student.

Road to Xavier - quiz


The Parent Road to Xavier

Parent Road to Xavier

Complementing the student's Road to Xavier experience is the Parent Road to Xavier. Students can grant access to their parents to the Parent Road to Xavier, where parents can find information specifically for them.

In addition to the Money Matters content, with the same information their students see on payment plans and financial aid, and the Visit Xavier tab, with a list of visit opportunities, parents can track how far along their students are in the Road to Xavier process.

On the student side, students can also see where their parents are in the Parent Road to Xavier process, as well.



If you have any questions about the Road to Xavier experience, email You can also contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 513-745-3301.