There are many safety resources available to students that live off campus. Check out Xavier Campus Police Department online at You are also encouraged to visit the police department?s websites that are responsible for the communities surrounding Xavier. You can view their websites by going onto the commuter services webpage at

  • Did you know that North Avondale has a direct notification systems for emergencies that happen in that neighborhood? If you are going to rent in North Avondale, go to and sign up for the alerts (right side of the webpage).
  • Check to make sure that rental properties have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers with service tags. If fire extinguishers are not provided, ask your landlord to provide them.
  • Check the door systems of the properties. Are they wood or metal door frames? Are the doors in good condition? Is there a deadbolt? Are there peepholes on the doors? If not, can these things be installed?
  • Check the windows and screens for damage-make sure that the windows have screens and can be locked!
  • Request information from the landlord or police about crimes and types of crimes in the area. Do research on your own! Check out the commuter services webpage for information on the communities surrounding Xavier at
  • Check the property out - Is there sufficient lighting? Are all exit/entrance points well lit? Are the trees and bushes surrounding the property well maintained?